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Toon Boom Storyboard Pro and Toon Boom Harmony (voted Animag’s Best Animation Tool 2018). The Saudi Arabian government’s Vision 2030 plan aims to develop and diversify its entertainment output, positioning the country to both create and consume content in the $259B international animation industry.

“With Vision 2030 opening Saudi Arabia’s borders to international investment, there is a huge opportunity to combine its local creative talent with our globally leading tools to tell Saudi stories,” says Francois Lalonde, co-president of Toon Boom Animation. “Rowad Tech’s talented team share our commitment to staying ahead of the latest developments and trends, forging long-term relationships and unparalleled customer service — making them our perfect partner in developing Saudi Arabia’s animation industry.”

Central to Toon Boom’s mission is building a self-sustaining animation ecosystem, and its partnership with Rowad Technology Company will connect Saudi creators to its global network’s expertise.


The collaboration will also service, support and sustain long-term relationships with studios, professional animators, schools, marketing agencies, video game developers, freelancers and other organizations throughout KSA. Developing skills in Toon Boom’s industry-standard digital storyboarding and animation software will open Saudi artists up to opportunities within and beyond the Middle East.

“Toon Boom animation software is the leading digital solution, used by the best studios globally, and we are thrilled to bring their tools to Saudi Arabia’s creative talent,” says Abdullah Altamimi. “Saudi animation has been growing since 2011 and this partnership will support our animation industry as it continues to expand, both by training emerging talent in schools and empowering studio pipelines with the highest level of productivity and quality.”

The next phase in KSA’s animation ecosystem is creating a talent pipeline from schools to studios in order to further attract both regional and international service work, particularly from lucrative streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon and Hulu. Additionally, as Vision 2030 aims to empower Saudi women, animation offers female animators a future-proofed creative career, financial independence and the flexibility to work from home.

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